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New Shows for 2019

Say Something

. Have you ever put so much faith into something or someone never to get a response? This show will take you on that journey

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My Demons

All of us have them. Sometimes they are locked away and sometimes they are so close you can feel them .

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Alone In Tokyo

Imagine yourself in Tokyo by yourself. What sounds would you hear, what situations would you be put into. This show explores different facets of this idea.

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When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, how do you feel. This show takes you through this very emotional journey.

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Winter Is Coming

This is a show based loosely off of the hit show GOT. It has that epic soundscape with the premise of winter rolling in.

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Indoor Shows

Stranger In A Strange Land

This show has a strong militaristic feel to it that starts with a basic training vibe that has a very demanding snare solo. Then moves on to conquering lands, to then the dictator walking away at the end.

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No Air

Have you ever had someone or something that comes into your life and completely smothers you to the point where you can't breathe anymore.  That is the premise on what this show is based on.

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The Climb

The Climb is the daily grind of climbing and defeating one obstacle just to realize that there's another mountain right behind it.  We stumble, we fall, but we need to keep climbing.

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This show is about the transformation that one could have  from being a dark person to becoming something beautiful. The show takes us on that journey musically throughout.

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In Chains

Chains are barriers that keep us contained. They keep us controlled and they keep us trapped. In Chains is about recognizing those barriers that we all have and eventually breaking through them. 

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Two Face

Two Face is the story of Harvey Dent told from present time and then going backwards throughout the show to when he was a normal person. This show definitely has that cinematic feel to it.

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Drill Design Examples

Arcadia 2017

The Climb

Trabuco Hills 2015

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